The Sacred Flame

Midgard: Walking with the Land-spirits

March 27, 2023 Mathias Nordvig Season 1 Episode 3
The Sacred Flame
Midgard: Walking with the Land-spirits
Show Notes

In this episode, we're investigating how we can connect with the land that we live on. Many of us feel disconnected from the land -or, more importantly, we feel nothing about the land at all. We live in big, urban spaces. Even if we don't live in cities, we generally exist in spaces that are designed to disconnect us from land. In the modern age, it seems that most people only know how to relate to land through ideas about the political territories they live in, their constructed nations. Connecting to land is about seeking, making, sharing, and celebrating natural relationships. We take a deep dive into how we can commune with the land and gain a better sense of who we are based on where we are.

Show notes:
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